“Children are one-third of our population and 100% of our future.” — Select Panel for the Promotion of Child Health, 1981


Our Mission

Together with state and local member programs, we support and promote court-appointed volunteer advocacy so every child who has experienced abuse or neglect can be safe, have a permanent home, and the opportunity to thrive.

Our Vision

A community where our most vulnerable children have the tools needed to develop the resilience necessary to survive and thrive in and beyond foster care.

Our Values

We are committed to being responsive, respectful, honest, and fair. We address problems directly with each other, immediately. We express appreciation and recognize a job well done.

CASA Jersey & Greene Counties = Court Appointed Special Advocate

The mission of CASA is to advocate for children who have been removed from the home due to neglect and abuse, and for all children to thrive in a safe and loving home. It is also our mission to make sure every child brought into the foster care system has a CASA.

What does a CASA do? We advocate for children in court. Let’s face it, the welfare and court systems can be pretty scary to navigate, even as an adult. Imagine it as a child. You have been taken away from the only life you have ever known, placed with other family members or even a foster home where you know no one. Pretty frightening, wouldn’t you say?

When a child has been removed from the home, a judge appoints a CASA to the case. The CASA visits the child, spends time reading, playing, and talking to them. They write reports to the court telling the judge what that child thinks and wants, then make a recommendation in that child’s best interest. Sometimes in the DCFS system, it’s necessary to change caseworkers for the child. Many times, they will have several different caseworkers.

CASA’s are an extra set of eyes and ears for DCFS and the courts. At CASA, we try to keep the same advocate on that case from start to finish. Sometimes, we are the only constant in their lives. Most of these kids are used to adults coming and going. We don’t leave that child. In fact, often times a CASA stays in touch with them well into adulthood.

Does this sound interesting to you? Do you have just a few hours a month you could donate your time to a child in need?

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Pictured from left to right: L to R Emily Theisen, Susan Neunaber, Tracy Fox-Clarkson, Judge Lorton, Debra Clark, Ed Darabcsek & Genarose Isringhausen.

New CASA advocates are sworn in!

This amazing group of advocates were sworn in by Judge Lorton to become CASA’s. During the ceremony, the judge emphasized the significance of their role in her courtroom and how much she values their contribution. Having completed over 30 hours of training, the advocates will now begin shadowing with a supervisor until they feel comfortable enough to take on a case and begin visiting and advocating for children on their own. This new team of CASA’s will undoubtedly make a meaningful impact on the lives of the children they serve.

Special Recognition!

One of our advocates was awarded the Bronze President’s Volunteer Service Award! Congratulations & way to go, Brittany!

Advocate Highlight

Sponsored by the Lori Summers Fund


Our Board of Directors

Thank you to these community leaders who advise and support us in our mission to help children find safe, permanent homes.

President – Kevin Ayres

Secretary – Crista Hamm

Treasurer – Stephanie Ash

Compliance Officer – Mary Kirbach

Board Member – Kirby Ballard

Board Member – Jennifer Bowman

Board Member – Carla Brady

Board Member – Sharon Cameron

Board Member – Laura Fallon

Board Member – Ruth Miller

Board Member – Ruth Rogers

Board Member – Dawn Wittman

Board Member – Scott Woelfel

Our Staff

Program Director – Stacy Burney

Administrative Asst. – Michelle Brown

Advocate Coordinator – Julie Goetten

Greene County Advocate Coordinator – Nicole Wolfley

Outreach Coordinator – Bob Siemer

Training Facilitator – Becky Shipley

Yes, I want to support CASA of Jersey & Greene counties and the children in my community!

All donations will go directly to benefit our children.


Provide Life-Saving Advocacy for Local Foster Children

To impact the life of an abused or neglected child and give them a brighter future, donate to CASA of Jersey & Greene Counties. Your generous support will help us to recruit and train more volunteers to meet the growing demand for our services.

Your gift ensures that children who have experienced abuse or neglect have a dedicated CASA Advocate who will elevate their voice and make their needs known while they are in foster care.

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